Sin City

15 yrs 124 minutes 2005 8.0

Director Robert Rodriguez, who has made films like the Spy Kids films and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and graphic novel writer Frank Miller has made the film Sin City, based on three of Frank Miller's novels about the corrupt and violent city. The film is made in the same way as the novels, in black and white with single color clicks such as a woman in a shiny red dress, and it follows the of the graphic novel original even in the dialogues. "Hundred-four-four minutes without the life-giving oxygen of the usual movies is long, but Sin City is still the first movie that has taken into account that if you force the audience to hold its breath for so long, you have to bet on the few benefits the graphic novel format has compared to movies: grotesque fantasy experience and total visual freedom", writes Kerstin Gezelius.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Crime, thriller, bechdel approved
Director: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
Actor: Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba
Country: USA
Language: English