Allrakäraste syster

Allowed 30 minutes 1988 6.3

Barbro is seven years old and she has a secret twin sister called Ylva-li. Ylva-li who is a queen in the Golden Hall likes Barbro the most and calls her for the mostbeloved sister. To get to the Golden Hall, Barbro must crawl down the hole next to the rose bush called Salikon. In the Golden Hall, the sisters ride on their horses Silver Foot and Gold Foot and play with all the animals. They decide to ride to the most beautiful place in the valley, but to get there they must ride through the big evil forest where The Evil live. When they arrive at the beautiful valley, Ylva-li must tell the horrible to Barbro, her mostbeloved sister, but Barbro does not want to hear.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Children, family
Director: Göran Carmback
Actor: Elin Elgestad, Ulla Elgestad, Anki Lidén, Helge Skoog
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish