Flickan mamman och demonerna

15 yrs 92 minutes 2016 6.5

Siri, a single mother suffering from psychotic episodes, locks herself in an apartment with her daughter Ti. In the world of Siri, the demons are in control, but Ti can’t hear or see them. The situation becomes dangerous when the demons start taking over everything, and suddenly, Siri isn’t Siri anymore but a demon herself. In order to survive, Ti must use her imagination and decides to try and defeat her mothers’ demons. Suzanne Osten uses her own upbringing and tells an equally colorful and moving film about a child's love and loyalty to her parent. Emma Engström at Göteborgsposten gives the film a 4 and writes: “a film that is beautiful, warm, moving and upsetting all at the same time”.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Thriller
Director: Suzanne Osten
Actor: Esther Quigley, Maria Sundbom, Maja Embrink
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish