MonaLisa Story

15 yrs 90 minutes 2015 7.2

"I was born high". These words come from MonaLisa, who struggles to break free of heroin addiction. When documentary filmmaker Jessica Nettelbladt met MonaLisa for the first time ten years ago, she was deep into addiction, fighting for her survival. Nettelbladt was interested in who MonaLisa really was and why her life looked the way it did. So, she followed this severly tested, but far from broken, MonaLisa for eight years. Seeing MonaLisa story is according to Kulturnytheternas Sofia Olsson "like being run over by a bus". She finds the film "an ambitious and incentive document about a person, a society and an addiction." Nominated for a Guldbagge for Best Documentary.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography, society
Director: Jessica Nettelbladt
Starring: MonaLisa
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish