15 yrs 76 minutes 2016 6.6

The filmmaker Sara Broos invited her mother, the artist Karin Broos, on a holiday to celebrate Karins 60th birthday in an attempt to get closer with each other. The result is an intimate and personal film about the complex relationship between mother and daughter, about depth and surface, about art and diseases, symbiosis and distances, into the personal inner space and psyche of humanity. Seriousness and darkness are mixed with humour and lightness through archive images, paintings, diary notes, everyday life and staged dreams. Reflections is a rare, beautiful contemplation on aging, eating disorders, youth revolting, the need for order in a chaotic world and the deceptiveness of all idylls," writes Eva of Geijerstam in DN.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Biography
Director: Sara Broos
Starring: Sara Broos, Karin Broos, Marc Broos
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish