11 yrs 72 minutes 1987 7.2

When the Chernobyl disaster occurred in April 1986, the documentary filmmaker Stefan Jarl was in Lapland to make a feature film. The explosion affected Sweden's Sami people, which led to Stefan Jarl making the documentary Hotet. Here he follows the Sami people in the village of Talma and show how their lives have changed forever. Much of what the Sami lived on was poisoned: the fish, the wild animals, and the reindeer. In the documentary, Jarl interviews several people who testify to the terrible catastrophe that affected both them and nature.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Historic, nature, society, education
Director: Stefan Jarl
Starring: Lars Jon Allas, Lillemor Baer, Johannes Svonni
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish