What the Waters Left Behind

15 yrs 98 minutes 2017 4.3

A couple of young documentary filmmakers go to the deserted village of Epecuén in Argentina. A city that has been an important tourist attraction known for its hot springs but is now totally abandoned after huge amounts of salt water covered the village and destroyed it. Thirty years later all the water has disappeared, and the filmmakers go there, despite all the warnings, to make a documentary. But it does not take long before they notice that they are not alone. This horror movie won the best film award at the Obscura Filmfest in Berlin.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Horror
Director: Luciano Onetti, Nicolás Onetti
Actor: German Baudino, Paula Brasca, Mirta Busnelli, Victorio D'Alessandro
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish