Brev till en seriemördare

15 yrs 85 minutes 2017 6.8

16-year-old Kamal is shot with five bullets on his way to football practice but is miraculously saved even though one of the bullets hit the head. When the relief has settled in the family, the questions start to come. Why did anyone want to shoot Kamal? Speculations about gang-related violence is a hard blow for the family. A few years later the police call and announce that they arrested Peter Mangs, suspected of a large number of shootings against people with ethnic backgrounds in Malmö. However, during Mangs trial he was not linked to the shooting of Kamal. Kamal's sister Manal Masri decides to try to find out what happened the day her brother was shot. She starts writing letters to Mangs in prison. The documentary was nominated for a Guldbagge for Best Documentary 2018.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Society
Director: Manal Masri
Starring: Jamal Masri, Kamal Masri, Manal Masri
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish