The Yard

15 yrs 80 minutes 2016 6.1

The director Måns Månsson makes his own version of Kristian Lundberg's acclaimed novel Yarden. A writer realizes that he has fallen deep into debt. To solve the situation, he is forced to take a non-glamorous job as an hourly employee at Yarden in the port of Malmö. Here he becomes a five-digit number and is forced to maneuver between his suspicious colleagues and a supervising employer. Kulturnyheternas Sofia Olsson writes that “The cinematography holds top class in misery and shows a gray and hostile Malmö. Sound and editing are ambitious and emphasize the photography and the vulnerability.” The film has won several Guldbaggar, for example Best male actor and Best Cinematography.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama
Director: Måns Månsson
Actor: Anders Mossling, Hilal Shoman, Isaak Thedoridis
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish