Reconstructing Utøya

15 yrs 94 minutes 2018 7.2

Rakel, Mohammed, Jenny and Torje survived the brutal terrorist attack on Utøya. Together with twelve others, they gather in an empty film studio in Norway to recreate the memories from July 22, 2011. As a kind of therapeutic exercise, each of the four dramatizes what they experienced and direct a person in the group they’ve chosen to represent them. "Seeing the pain and liberation in Rachel's, Mohammed's, Jenny's and Torje's faces when they realize that they are no longer alone with their memories is among the strongest you can see on film right now," said Emma Engström at P1's Kulturnytt. The documentary won a Guldbagge for Best documentary film and director Carl Javér received the award for Best Director.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Political, society
Director: Carl Javér
Starring: Torje Hansen, Rakel Mortensdatter Birkeli, Mohammed Saleh, Jenny Andersen, Barbro Bugge, Sunniva Clark
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian