In the Name of Your Daughter

11 yrs 59 minutes 2018 8.0

When it is time for school holidays in Tanzania, the season for genital mutilation starts. To avoid this horrible procedure, girls flee to a sheltered house run by the activist Rhobi Samwelly. When the season is over, Rhobi travels around the country to inform and change the families' attitude to these mutilations and the devastating consequences they can have for the girls. Although it is illegal to mutilate girls in Tanzania, this life-threatening procedure is performed on thousands of girls every year. One of the arguments still used to justify this longstanding tradition is that girls who haven’t been through genital mutilation becomes promiscuous and the men do not get the same price in cows as mutilated girl gets when they are married. We follow some of these young girls' struggles when they stand up for their human rights and the right to decide over their own bodies.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Political, society, education
Director: Giselle Portenier
Starring: Rhobi Samwelly, Flora, Sijali Nyambuche, Rosie Makori
Country: Canada, Tanzania
Language: English, Swahili