Halvdan viking

7 yrs 93 minutes 2018 4.9

Martin Widmark's children's book series about the Viking boy Halvdan and his friend Meia has been made into film by director Gustaf Åkerblom, who also directed The Anderssons Rock the Mountains. Halvdan (Vilgot Hedtjärn) lives in the poor and famine-stricken village Östbyn. His father is out raiding on the seven seas, and while he is away Halvdan lives with the blacksmith Björn. Although he is told not to go out alone in the forest, he does it away and meets Meia (Ellinea Simbalis), fearless chieftain's daughter in the rival and much wealthier Västbyn. She teaches him to shoot with a bow and swim and they become friends. But the relationship is threatened by the adults as the villages are at war with each other after an old inheritance dispute. Can Halvdan and Meia end the conflict?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Family, adventure, audio description
Director: Gustaf Åkerblom
Actor: Vilgot Hedtjärn, Ellinea Siambalis, Peter Haber, Torkel Petersson, Ellen Jelinek
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish