Watch the Sunset

15 yrs 79 minutes 2017 5.3

Former gang member Danny decides he wants to leave his old life behind and seeks out the family he lost contact with during his criminal life. But the gang war in the Australian suburbs has escalated and is more violent than ever. Soon his old life comes back, and he is forced to fight for his family's survival. Directors Tristan Barr and Michael Gosden let the actors rehearse the film for several weeks before finally filming it all in a single shot in this action-packed and acclaimed low-budget film that was awarded the Audience Award at the Brisbane International Film Festival.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Action, crime, drama, thriller
Director: Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden
Actor: Tristan Barr, Chelsea Renee Zeller, Aaron Walton, Michael Gosden, Zia Zantis-Vinycomb
Country: Australia
Language: English