Esio Trot

11 yrs 88 minutes 2014 6.9

Mr. Hoppy lives a quiet retirement life. He takes care of his balcony garden and potters around in his bachelor life. But secretly he is consumed by passionate, hopeless love for the neighbor below, Mrs. Silver. From their first meeting in a narrow elevator, he has been completely captivated by her. But she wastes all her affection on another: the turtle Alfie. When he finds out that she is worried that Alfie does not seem to grow bigger, Hoppy sees a chance to make her true love happy and maybe even get closer to her in the process. So he sets a clever plan in motion to get the turtle to grow miraculously. Will he finally win a place in Mrs Silver's heart?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, family
Director: Dearbhla Walsh
Actor: Dustin Hoffman, Judi Dench
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English