15 yrs 93 minutes 2014 4.3

Normally, when you sleep, the brain turns off most of the body's will moved muscles so that you do not move when you dream. The only exception is the eyes that actually move as in the dream. In sleep paralysis, the muscle control is switched off too early or switched on too late so that you can not move even when you are awake, which easily causes panic to the person smitten. In Echoes, a young author is suffering from extreme sleep paralysis. She decides to move with her boyfriend to a more isolated house in the desert for more peace and quiet, but her visions intensify and she feels she is losing her sanity. At the same time she discovers a secret about herself. A secret that can prove to be life threatening.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Horror
Director: Nils Timm
Actor: Steven Brand, Billy Wirth, Kate French, Steve Hanks
Country: USA
Language: English