11 yrs 105 minutes 2014 6.2

At the shop Discount, the underpaid staff are pushed to work harder. Their work is carefully controlled by stamping clocks and there are strict rules for toilet visits. Several of them are also threatened with termination when new self-service machines will be installed soon. One evening, some of the employees decide to start their own alternative business and sell groceries that their bosses tells them to throw away. Malin Krutmeijer at Sydsvenskan writes that the film "places itself in the middle of contemporary films, with a good flow in the storytelling and a strong commitment".

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy
Director: Louis-Julien Petit
Actor: Olivier Barthélémy, Corinne Masiero, Pascal Demolon
Country: France
Language: French