Digitale Dissidenten

15 yrs 53 minutes 2016 8.2

Some believe they are traitors, others mean they are defending democracy. The whistle-blowers are society's digital warriors. They are fighting against the surveillance in our increasingly technological world. Documentary filmmaker Cyril Tuschi has interviewed some of our most famous whistle-blowers, for example, David Ellsberg, Edward Snowden and Annie Machon. They give an answer to questions such as why they risk everything to do what they do, and can we call their cause for a patriotic duty? The secrets that the whistle-blowers reveal, do they harm or liberate their nation and its citizens? And what's wrong with the overall monitoring environment, in our current culture?

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Political
Director: Cyril Tuschi
Starring: David Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Julian Assange
Country: Germany
Language: German, English