15 yrs 78 minutes 2019 7.4

Rock singer Anna loses her daughter to cancer and ends up in a downward spiral of grief and destructiveness, where the path back to love and music is far from clear. Gryning is a Swedish drama thriller that aims to move the viewer deeply. It has the dynamics of a warm romantic drama with underlying sadness, humor and creeping discomfort that affects the viewer deeply. Partly a poetic film that captures life when it is at its most fragile, at the same time a breath of fresh air with fast paced dialogue. Gryning has been awarded several prizes at various film festivals in 2020, where above all Maria Forslin was praised for her role as Anna.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, romance, swedish, thriller
Director: Maria Forslin, Adrienne West
Actor: Maria Forslin, Teja Östberg, Felix Lundgren, Christian Sundgren, Lina Sehlstedt, Fanny Rosen
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish