Bolshoi Babylon

15 yrs 86 minutes 2015 6.3

The Bolshoi Theater is known worldwide for its ballet and opera. It is also a place for intrigues and scandals. 2013, when the ballet's artistic leader Sergei Filin is exposed to an acid attack, problems with corruption, internal intrigue and power play of members of the board goes public. "Bolshoi Babylon is constant, endlessly fascinating: initially captures the scenic magic, then crawls closer to show the sweat and the physical effort, to finally penetrate beneath the surface and illuminate the fear, the envy and the desperation that occurs when unrighteousness is growing. It's naked. It's not beautiful. That's life,” writes Jan Söderqvist in SvD. The documentary was nominated in the category Best Documentary at Stockholms Filmfestival 2015. 

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Documentary
Genre: Music
Director: Nick Read, Mark Franchetti
Starring: Maria Allash, Andrei Budberg, Anastasiya Meskova
Country: United Kingdom
Language: Russian