The Passion of Anna

15 yrs 101 minutes 1969 7.6

On a windy, cold island, Andreas lives a quiet and simple life in escape from a marriage gone awry. His neighbors Eva and Elis Vergerus introduces him to the widow Anna, who also lives on the island. When they initiate a love affair, delusions and secrets starts to show and not only threaten their relationship, but even twist their view on reality. After some critics, before the movie premiered had questioned the topicality of Ingmar Bergman, Jurgen Schildt stated in his review in Aftonbladet that “Bergman, within the narrow frame of the psychological chamber play, still exhibits the only master that Swedish film beholds.”

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, swedish
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Actor: Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson, Max von Sydow, Erland Josephson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish