Luz - The Flower of Evil

15 yrs 104 minutes 2019 4.9

In the Colombian horror film Luz - Flower of Evil, a frightening folk tale meets a western-inspired film with colorful imagery. The religious leader El Señor runs a secluded community high up in the mountains. One day he brings with him a young boy who he claims is the new messiah, but soon it becomes clear to both the villagers and El Señor's three daughters that the line between good and evil is not fixed as they first thought. The film received awards for acting, photography and best film at the Buenos Aires Film Festival.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Fantasy, horror, western
Director: Juan Diego Escobar Alzate
Actor: Yuri Vargas, Jim Muñoz, Sharon Guzman, Conrado Osorio
Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish