15 yrs 102 minutes 2020 5.4

Like Narcissus in the myth, Dominic is obsessed with his own beauty. One day he is reached by the news that his mother, who is said to have been dead for a long time, may still be alive, and he sets off on his motorcycle through the forests around of Quebec to search for her, and to reveal the family secrets. It will be a journey where he is faced with his unknown twin brother, to love both body and soul. Set in 1972, Saint-Narcisse is directed by Canadian artist and filmmaker Bruce La Bruce.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama, queer, romance
Director: Bruce La Bruce
Actor: Félix-Antoine Duval, Tania Kontoyanni, Alexandra Petrachuk
Country: Canada
Language: English, French