15 yrs 114 minutes 1982 8.1

Yol was made when the director Yilmaz Güney was imprisoned in Turkey for his criticism of the regime. Through smuggled manuscripts, his assistant Serif Gören was able to complete the recording and when Yilmaz escapes and fled to France he completed the editing. The film is about five Turkish prisoners who are on leave and visit their old neighborhoods. The image of a country that has enlisted its citizens under a brutal military dictatorship is as shocking as it is terrifying to the visitors. The film banned in Turkey, but at the Cannes Film Festival, it received standing ovations and was rewarded with the Palm d’Or.

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, romance
Director: Serif Gören, Yilmaz Güney
Actor: Tarik Akan, Serif Sezer, Halil Ergün
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish