15 yrs 88 minutes 2018 6.9

17-year-old Kimmie lives in a small farmhouse somewhere in Sweden. His father has been convicted of a crime and will soon be suspended for a prison sentence. His mother is soon without insurance, and the house they live in, together with two younger siblings, risks being taken from them by the bank. Reluctantly, Kimmie is drawn into the father's criminal business to ensure that the family's livelihood is secure when his father is in prison. Eva af Geijerstam at Dagens Nyheter writes: "It is the kind of social realism that usually British filmmakers refine, but in Goliat that realism gets unmistakable Swedish contours. Pictures of today’s ugly and unwanted poor people in Sweden, with its disgust against politics, educational skepticism, its abandoned industries, its abandoned garden schools and cheap cafes, far away from the sprawling metropolitan center where their conditions are determined". The film was awarded with four Guldbaggar

The film is not playable outside of Sweden
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, society, audio description
Director: Peter Grönlund
Actor: Sebastian Ljungblad, Cedomir Djordjevic, Joakim Sällquist, Tuva Linghult, Cornelia Andersson
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish