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Theme: Kids- and family movies

Children have always loved tales and good stories

Animation has been present since the early times in the history of cinema. Animated movies are very much alive, made today for all ages and in different forms, produced by several companies beyond the most famous ones like Disney and Pixar. Most children’s’ movies, animated or live action, are based on book adaptations of, more or less, known authors. For example in Sweden that helped bring Emil’s loved adventures and several others of Astrid Lindgren’s books to the big screen.

There are films based on books of all ages like the filmed versions of Julia Donaldson's popular books Gruffalon and Lill-Gruffalon, or Elvis! Elvis! based on Maria Gripe''s books about Elvis Karlsson. And even older children and young people have the opportunity to see interesting, memorable and exciting films such as Bridge to Terabithia from Katherine Paterson's work, and The Secret of Moonacre, based on The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.